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إذا كان مستواك ضعيف جداً جداً أو مستواك قوي في اللغة الإنجليزىة وتريد تقوية مستواك أكثر

تعرّف على أجانب من مراكز ثقافية ستجد عناوينهم على جروب معاً على الياهو

و من أماكن أخرى موجودة بالجروب أيضاً بهدف تحسين النطق وتبادل الخبرات

     اللغوية والثقافية ومطلوب فقط الجراءة لفتح حوارات مجاناً و مشاهدة أفلام

و برامج إنجليزية بترجمة إنجليزية موجودة في جروب معاً على الياهو مجاناً


إذا كانت ظروفك وإمكانياتك تسمح بأخذ دورة في اللغة الإنجليزية في مكان ذا جودة عالية كمركز برلتز Berlitz

أو أمديست Amideast مثلاً ستستفيد من الدورة

أو تستطيع أن تأخذ منحة مثل وتحقق استفادة منها حسب المجهود الذي ستبذله

أو تستطيع أن تأخذ دورة في اللغة الإنجليزية في أي فرع من فروع مكتبات جمعية الرعاية المتكاملة

أو في مركز مثل القوات المسلحة

أو في جمعية مثل جمعية رسالة

لكن في هذه الحالة يجب أن تبذل مجهود أكبر وجدية أكثر لكي تستفيد وتحسن مستوى اللغة

فيما يلي بعض النصائح لتحسين مستوى اللغة

هذة المجلة تم إعدادها بواسطة أعضاء فريق معاً

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عناوين المراكز والمعاهد الثقافية بالقاهرة

تبحث عن الجديد؟ وتريد أن تعرف معلومات أكتر؟

اشترك الآن في جروب معاً على الياهو



Top 10 Websites to Learn English

1. Elllo

Elllo focuses on your English listening skill. You can listen to speakers from all over the world for different topics, such as sports, travels, games, and so on. There is related text script under the audio player. You can also listen to some nice English songs or watch some videos.

2. Fun Easy English

Fun Easy English mainly focuses on the basic English knowledge and teaching tips, its courses include pronunciation, grammar, idioms, slang, writing, tests and much more. Most of those courses are launched in Video format, in addition with text scripts and pictures.

3. is owned by British Council, which is the UK’s international cultural relations body. The website offers English learning information and tests for teachers, students and kids. You can learn English online while you are taking a test, listening to a song, or even playing a game.

4. Lang-8

Lang-8 focuses on writing in a foreign language. You write in the language that you are learning, then native speakers will correct your writing, and you can also help others learn your native language by correcting their writing.

5. Busuu

For every language you choose to learn, Busuu provides a few courses, including writing exercises, vocabulary training, reading comprehension, and so on. Besides courses, you can also learn English online by joining the community and chatting with other members.

6. Livemocha

The Livemocha website focuses on learning a foreign language by courses and communications. To learn English online, you can pick up an English course, submit your answers, or chat with the members whose native language is English. And you can help other members by checking their submissions.

7. VocabSushi

VocabSushi is for you to learn vocabulary with real-world, contextual examples found in the daily news. You pick up a vocab word, understand its means, read the sentence samples, listen to the speakers, then you can take a test and check if you have learned that word.

8. BBC Learning English

On the BBC Learning English website, you can learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and so on, you can take a test, you can also learn how to teach others English. The most interesting course is 6 Minute English, in which you can listen to a short audio record, which can be downloaded both in MP3 and PDF formats.

9. Learn English Free Online

With an over 10 years history, Learn English Free Online is an abundant website for EFL/ESL learners and teachers. You can learn vocabulary with the related pictures, you can get some English learning tips, you can take some funny test, and so on.

10. Exam English

As the name, the website Exam English is for you to take exams, including TOEFL, CPE, KET, and nearly all the other famous international ESL/EFL exams. You can test your English level by reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, or writing separately.
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